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Indo-Stone's developed Sliced Pebble Mosaic to reveal to you the inner world of Indonesia's finest pebble. As we search for a new inovation to enhance the Pebble Mosaic products, we discovered that the inner pebble has richer color and pattern. As you will notice, Sliced Pebble Mosaic are trully a remarkable icon for pebble series. It is available in varying sizes of borders and Tiles with our unique interlocking system, that creates a stunning easy-to-install design option.

Sliced Pebble Mosaic could easily be use for your exterior or interior finishing. This product certainly brings a new idea and fresh look for many designers. It creates a unique and artistic look for your design as it compels the nature to speak for itself.

It is never too late to explore and enhance your creative design with Sliced Pebble Mosaic. Indo-Stone's proudly presents to you our new innovation of Pebble Mosaic, Sliced Pebble Mosaic - Borders & Tiles . Enjoy!